(Magyar) Szolárium

Stand-up solarium 

Many tend to think that the solarium is harmful. Yes, if you use it too much then it is detrimental to your skin. HOWEVER, if you use it in properly then just the opposite is true.

Our spa has a stand-up solarium with CE certificate and 0,3 strength lamp with AC.

Thanks to these lamps you can tan in a safe way, within the limits, there is no skin burn or no redness on the skin. There are no risks and it enables relaxation and rest.

Using the solarium has several positive effects beyond getting tanned, like the production of vitamin D, the strengthening of the immune system, the prevention of osteoporosis, furthermore it decreases the risk for breast, colon and the prostate cancer.

Come and tan healthy in the Borbála Spa!
Just HUF 170/ 2 minutes!