Outdoor pool with medicinal water:

  • You can experience the healing effect of the thermal water of Algyő in the outdoor pool that gives you the feeling of freedom where you can enjoy recovery in a calm environment.
  • Our medicinal water has a favourable effect to the degenerative diseases of the knees and the spine, furthermore it can be successfully applied in the treatment of (sports) injuries. 12 water-operated entertainment elements can be found in the water, so besides healing, our guests can enjoy the favourable effects of these as well.
  • Temperature of the water:  36-38 c°
  • You may stay in the water for up to 30 minutes but it is not advisable beyond this time period due to its high temperature and the mineral content
  • Contraindication: the water is not advisable for those with acute or chronic heart and coronary diseases, malignant tumour, infectious diseases, severe high blood pleasure (not responding to therapies) or for pregnant women!

Sitting pool:

  • Would you like to enjoy a good conversation while you are chilling and taking a rest? Our sitting pool is perfect for this!

Round-shaped water-circulating pool with thermal water that is the perfect spot for friends to talk through all the topics that matter in life. Water temperature: 38-39 °C Water depth: 90 cm

Adventure pool:

  • In our pool full with arcs and different entertainment elements you can chill while you exclude the world or it is also perfect for the fun of the whole family.This is our most popular pool, here both children and grown-ups can enjoy themselves and at the same time those looking for some rest can also relax here. Many people are interested in the different entertainment elements and water jets that might be the solution for back and neck pain. Water temperature: 35-36°C It is an evenly deepening pool, water depth: 80-100 cm.

A legnépszerűbb medencénk, itt kicsik és nagyok is megtalálják maguknak a szórakozási lehetőséget, viszont a pihenésre vágyók is ellazulhatnak benne. Élményelemei és vízsugarai nagy érdeklődésre tesznek szert, fájós hátra, nyakra is megoldás lehet. A víz hőfoka: 35-36°C Egyenletesen mélyülő medence, mélysége 80-100 cm.

Baby pool:

  • This is the greatest joy for the smallest ones!

There is nothing more beautiful than the laughing children, while they play and dabble, right? This pool is all about this, about the loud laughter of the children. They can play carefree in a safe way in this pool as the pool runs with baby-friendly water and the water depth is also only 35-40 cm, with even deepening. Water depth: 35-40 cm Water temperature: 33 °C

Training pool:

  •  If you wish to enjoy a refreshing swim then this pool is the right choice for you.

It is a deck-level swimming pool with recirculation, ideal for a refreshing swim before work or if you want to enjoy a relaxing swim after work. Swimming requires the movements of all of your muscle groups, it has a refreshing effect to the human body and you can also burn calories with it. Length: 20m, Width: 10m Water depth: 110 cm – 170 cm Water temperature: 28-28,5 °C