Massage is one of the oldest and most pleasant natural methods for healing and the prevention of diseases. In the treatment the masseuse refreshes the muscles; massage has a positive effect on the skin and the circulatory system but it also has a stunning effect on the nervous system, as well. The body gives negative responses to the problems caused by stress but this can be compensated with a massage that makes the parasympathetic system go to work, thus normalizing the heart rhythm, the blood pressure and it also facilitates the release of the tension of the muscles.

In today’s world we are subjected to a whole lot of stress and worrying, it is hard to keep our physical and mental balance, we do not do enough sports, we do not have the right posture, these mean one-sided physical stresses that might lead to the formation of overstressed muscle tone. This might block the blood supply of the brain that can cause mental weakness, tiredness, sudden impulsiveness or even depression. This should be taken into consideration.

Do not forget about your body, take care of yourself!

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