(Magyar) Babaúszás

The natural environment of babies is the water as it reminds them of the time spent in the womb.
They can relax in the water that has proper temperature and quality; they easily float.
What’s more, they still have the so-called “diving reflex” which means that their breathing stops underwater and this prevents babies from swallowing water.
This only lasts a few seconds, just for a short period of time, but it can be developed with training.
Babies actively move around in the water with the help of their mother or father and they also enjoy going underwater under the supervision of a trainer.



Recommended: from 3 months of age

Trainer: ZSURA Zoltán

Trainer: MAGOSI Krisztina

What you need to bring: swimming diaper

Opening hours

Tuesday 8:00-8:45

Thursday 8:00-8:45

Saturday 8:00-8:45

Saturday 8:50-9:35

Saturday 9:40-10:25